The International Center

Kazuaki Fukunishi (Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Business)
Director of the International Center

The International Center at Kyushu International University works to provide international students enrolled at the university with a comfortable environment that allows them to concentrate on their studies and research, and provides assistance and consultation services.
In addition, the International Center works to advance globalization at the university through activities such as academic and cultural exchanges with overseas universities and research institutions, and offers support to students going abroad to study at partner universities under exchange agreements.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries or need help.


Ryosuke Yamada (Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Business)
Vice-Director of the Center

Major Services

  • Consultation for study abroad
  • Dispatching and accepting exchange students
  • Support for activities with exchange students
  • Consultation and support for international students
  • Consultation and support regarding visas for international students
  • Consultation and assistance in procedures concerning scholarships for international undergraduate students
  • Hosting international exchange events
  • Dormitory management (Kobai-ryo)


Information from the International Center