To International Students

The International Center is located on the third floor of the Ichigo-kan Building.
Important notices from the university and letters to international students addressed c/o the university are delivered to mailboxes set up for each international student within the International Center.
Status of Residence
In accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and the Alien Registration Act, international students must complete certain procedures for permission to extend their period of stay, change their status of residence, engage in an activity other than that permitted by the status of residence previously granted, or obtain a re-entry permit, among other things.

* Laws and Regulations Concerning Immigration Service can be referenced by visiting the Immigration Bureau of Japan website.

The periods of stay in Japan granted to international students with a “College Student” visa status are six months, fifteen months, or twenty-seven months. Within the period ranging from two months to 10 days prior to the expiration date of your visa, you must apply to get the visa extended at the Immigration Bureau if you plan to stay longer. Thereafter, you are required to file for alien registration at your local municipal or ward office.
Prior to temporarily leaving Japan, be sure to obtain a re-entry permit at the Immigration Bureau and to notify the International Center.
* For details, refer to the page on Procedures for Staying in Japan.

Guidance for Part-Time Jobs
International students who wish to work part time for reasons such as financial need, a chance to use the Japanese language, or to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese society, must obtain permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted by the status of residence previously granted by the Immigration Bureau. You must observe the indicated limitations on working hours and restrictions on the type of work you may engage in. Your status of residence may be cancelled if you violate any of these requirements.
* For further details, refer to Your Daily Life.

National Health Insurance
All residents (Japanese or non-Japanese) staying in Japan one year or longer must join the National Health Insurance System.
* For details, refer to Your Daily Life.
Reduction of Tuition
Kyushu International University grants a 40% reduction in tuition upon enrollment to all international undergraduate students who request reduced tuition in accordance with the Rules Concerning Reduction in Tuition for Privately Financed International Undergraduate Students. Thereafter, the academic performance of these students is reviewed every six months. A 50% reduction in tuition is then granted to those ranked within top 25% of their class, and a 30% reduction is given to those ranked below that level. The reduction in tuition may be suspended for those with poor academic performance.
For information on tuition reductions or exemption programs for international graduate students, inquire at the Academic Affairs Office.

Some scholarship programs are available for international students.
Visit the bulletin board at the International Center for descriptions and application periods for available scholarships.

Other Procedures
・Change of Address and Telephone Number
When you move or change your mobile phone number, you must notify your local ward office to change the registered information on your alien registration card and national health insurance card.
Report your new address and phone number to the International Center and Academic Affairs Office as well.
A change of address should be also reported to banks where you have an account, the post office, and your mobile phone provider, not to mention your family in your home country.