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National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance is a system in which the national and municipal governments pay 70% of a member’s medical expenses when they receive treatment for illness or injury at a medical institution. Members of this insurance plan are required to pay only 30% of their medical expenses.
In addition to Japanese nationals, all foreign residents staying in Japan for one year or more must join the National Health Insurance System. If you are not enrolled in the system, you will be required to pay your medical expenses in full to receive treatment in case of illness or injury.
Although you must pay a set amount for the National Health Insurance premium, a maximum limitation is stipulated under the Benefits for High-Cost Medical Care Program for the amount of medical expenses that you must pay in cases such as serious accidents or long-term hospitalization that require expensive medical care.

* For further details, inquire at the International Center.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research
All students join this insurance program upon enrollment in the university, and the premium is included in the tuition. The insurance covers accidents and physical injuries occurring to students during their regular curricular educational and research activities, school events, and during extracurricular activities, as well as when commuting to and from the university.

* For more details, inquire at the International Center.